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Daudz laimes un prieka dzimšanas dienā!

Publicēja 2018. gada 5. dec. 23:29Varaviksne Skola
  Mēs esam priecīgi apsveikt EMILY dzimšanas dienā (06.12.)! Mēs novēlām viņai labas atmiņas par mūsu skolu un vēlam iegūt daudz jaunu draugu Latvijā.
    28.novembrī angļu valodas stundā pie mums ciemos bija Emily, apmaiņas studente no Itālijas. Mūsu tikšanās bija trīs valodās: latviešu, krievu un angļu. Emily labi runā visās valodās un pastāstīja mums par sevi, pēc tam atbildēja uz jautājumiem. Mēs nofotografējāmies un daudz uzzinājām par mūsu jauno AFS studenti. Mēs esam priecīgi , ka skolā ir AFS apmaiņas programma.


   Hello, my name is Emily. I'm 17 years old, I am an Exchange student from Rome, Italian capital. I'm in Latvia for one year. I will study in the Form 11.a. In my family there are three people: me, my mum and my younger brother. My parents are from Sicily, in the south of Italy, so I'm half from Rome and half from Sicily, but I was born in Genoa, in the north of Italy. In my family everyone loves scientific subjects, except me. I’m not really good at them, but I am the best at languages, I can memorise words in a really fast way. My favourite subjects are Latin, Greek and Philosophy.
   Since I decided to start this adventure, all my family and friends have supported me, even though we know it’s really hard to be separated for one year.
   I chose Latvia because I fell in love with these beautiful landscapes and the strong traditions you have and I wanted be a part of your community.
   In Latvia I have already gone trough many difficulties, but I enjoy my life here I have been to Aglona, Riga, Daugavpils, Rezekne and other cities. I really like Latvia, I think it's my second home now. I am happy here.
   My favourite food is pizza, but here I really like potatoes, meat and the food in the school dining room is tasty.
   I like swimming, taking photos, dancing and travelling. I decided to come here because I understood that being only a tourist wasn't enough for me.
   I have been writing since I was 6 years old and this strong passion goes up with the time. Now I am trying to write songs lyrics.
   The most funny thing of writing is that you always get inspiration for your songs in the hardest situations, like when you’re swimming and you have to stop because you have an idea for your new song.
   I just can’t live without describing my feelings by writing.
   I’m an extroverted person, who likes going out with new people and share hobbies with them. I'm also a talktive, sunny, upbeat and a blunt person, I don’t tolerate people who are smiling in front of you and then saying bad things behind your back.
   For me the most important things in life are family and friends and I just don’t know how I would do without them.
   I hope that Varaviksne will give me new friends, make me discover new subjects, find new faces, see new places, try new things like folk dances and theatre.
Yours, Emily, Form 11a