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Ekskursija uz Lietuvu

Publicēja 2015. gada 20. maijs 03:14Varaviksne Skola

           5.klašu skolēniem bija iespēja doties ekskursijā uz Lietuvas pilsētu Anikščai . Skolēni uzzināja daudz jauna, guva brīnišķīgus iespaidus.

          Pirmā ekskursija bija uz Anikščai šaursliežu dzelzceļa muzeju, kur redzējām lokomotīves, vagonus un citas interesantas lietas.

          Apskatījām Stanislavo Petraškos akmens gleznu izstādi, apmeklējām Enģeļu muzeju. Visvairāk iespaidu radīja Nuronis sētas apmeklējums. Tur iepazināmies ar Zirgu muzeja eksponātiem, pavizinājāmies ar zirgu, redzējām, kāda izskatās seno laiku māja un paši izcepām garšīgu maizi pēc senajām maizes receptēm. Sētā varēja iepazīties arī ar audējas un kalēja darbu, pavizināties uz koka karuseļiem un nopirkt jaukus suvenīrus.

Paldies visiem vecākiem, skolēniem, klases audzinātājam par pozitīvu ekskursijas laika.


                                                              A  SCHOOL  TRIP TO  LITHUANIA

             The children of the 5th Forms travelled to Anikskai, in Lithuania and I had the pleasure to be with them. We met in front of the school at 8.00, with our backpacks and cameras, ready to leave. As soon as the bus arrived, we got on and our trip started. After a little more than three hours we arrived to the first destination: an old railway station which has become a museum. We saw an old locomotive and carriages and the guide explained us how the train worked, there was also a working model of a train travelling through a green landscape. Everybody took a lot of photos, some of them wearing the special hat reserved to the people conducting the train. Children could also buy some budgets, like small whistles.

            The second stop was at an art exhibition, where we saw  beautiful  masterpieces made  by sticking one layer of crumbled stones upon the other. Then we quickly saw the outside of the biggest Catholic cathedral in Lithuania, before going to the museum entirely dedicated to angels. It was beautiful! We saw very nice paintings and sculputers made of a lot of different materials: wood, plastic, metal,  wax, stone and cloth. We also wrote our wishes in small letters for the angel, so  they wouldl come true.

            Finally, we went to the open-air museum, dedicated to horses, which seemed an old village with wooden houses. There, we baked our own dark bread, with the help of a very kind woman, who told us everything about  bread. While the bread was backing, we visited a big building containing different kinds of carriages and sledges used in the past, we also saw an old fireman-carriage made of wood, they told us how to understand horses’ behaviour and we saw some sculptures about life in the countryside. After playing a little we collected our bread and we got on the bus to go home. We made just a little stop at a very big shopping centre and at 19.30 we arrived home! It was wonderful and unforgettable!

                                                                                                                             Giulia Milzani, 10.b