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Esi sveicināta, skola!

Publicēja 2017. gada 6. sept. 00:27Varaviksne Skola


AFS programmas tradīcijas mūsu skolā veiksmīgi turpinās. Arī šogad šeit mācīsies studente no ārzemēm - itāliete LILIANE ALVES FARHERR. Viņa šeit paliks līdz mācību gada beigām. Viņas cerība nodibināt jaunus kontaktus un apgūt valodas. Būsim saprotoši un atsaucīgi!
   Lilianei ir 17- gadīga meitene no Itālijas. Meitene ir aktīva , viņai patīk pavadīt laiku ar draugiem, klausīties mūziku un sportot. Lilianei patīk uzturēties pilsētvidē kopā ar draugiem. Šad un tad meitene palīdz mammai uzkopt māju un pagatavot ēst. Viņu interesē apgūt valodas, Liliane ir mācījusies krievu, angļu, portugāļu un franču valodu. Mēs esam priecīgi draudzēties!

Jeļena Kļimova, AFS projekta koordinatore 
Hello everyone!

   I’m Liliane. I’m 17 years old and I come from Italy.
   I’m participating in an AFS exchange student program so I’ll study here with you for an entire year. I decided to start this adventure because I really love to meet new people, see how they live and of course learn a new language.
   It’s not the first time that I’m in a new country where I don’t know the language and the culture, because when I was 8 years old I moved from Brazil to Italy with my family. But now it’s all a little bit different and difficult too; because now I have to make myself new friends, study in a new school and learn new subjects, and also I live with a new family!
   It’s only 1 week that I’m here in Kraslava but I think that I will be fine here. I really like the town, there are a lot of tress (yes, I’m in love with tress and beautiful nature), woods, green spaces and little blue lakes. Also the town inhabitants seem very kind and friendly. The only little “problem” is that there aren’t a lot of shops, I like to do shopping a lot.
   The 1st of September was very different than usual here for me, In Italy when September comes all the students are sad because school starts again and on the first day of school you can see only people with a sad expression or upset (it’s not so funny ahaha). Instead here there is a great celebration with flowers, exciting speeches and all the girls are wearing beautiful dresses. I loved so much the warm welcome that everyone gave to me, it was unexpected.
   The schools days also are different, here we have to change classes in every hour and there are a lot of after school activities. My classmates are very nice and kind and I hope that I will learn as soon as possible the language because I’d like to talk more with them!
   Here I live with Sveta, Vova and their two little kids Sofi and Elizei and their dog Jackie. My new family are very gentle, helpful and I’m very grateful for what they do.
   But let’s talk about the food, here you eat a lot of potatoes and drink tea with lunch and dinner! For me this is a litte strange but I think that with some time I’ll get used to the idea ahaha
   In conclusion, I’m happy here, I hope that this year will be full of joy, adventure and happiness! 

Yours, Liliane, AFS student, Form 11a