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Global Teenager Project

Publicēja 2015. gada 3. marts 23:57Varaviksne Skola
   In the first part of this  School year, from September to December, the children of the 6.b took part in  the English project called GTP, Global Teenager Project. As suggested by its name, it is a long term activity for children from all over the world, who are given a theme to reflect and speak about, sharing each other their personal thoughts. This year, it was all about sport and games. The participanting countries were Canada (3 different schools), Hungary and Latvia. The work was dividend in five phases: the presentation, where we presented ourselves by writing a class e-mail, the questions, each country asked a question about sport or games, the research, we did some research work to answer the questions from other countries, the summary, where we summed up the answers to our own question and, finally, the closing, where we thanked each other for the work we had done together.

   All in all, it was a great work and the children had a fun woking on it. The question we asked was about after school activities and sports events organized by the school and we got really interesting answers from all the other country. We discovered that also in other countries it is possible for the children to join different sport clubs. We noticed that the most popular sport are basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, swimming and, in the countries with a cold climate, hockey. Also clubs are popular, for example chess, dance, music and art. We got to know plenty of new things about people who live far from us, but we also reflected about ourselves .

Guilia Milzane, 10.b, the coordinator of GTP in Form 6.b


   Sadly, we are now at the end of this wonderful experience. We really enjoyed working with all of you. It was a great occasion to learn something new and at the same time it was challenging and made us think a lot. Indeed all the things you said made  us reflect about how different our points of views and our cultures are. This also helped us to know our country better as we did a long research work to answer  your questions. Now we do not only know better ourselves and our country but we know something new about your countries, all the differences and similarities between us and we find it simply great. It is fascinating how, thanks to technology, we were able to get in contact and, even if we have never met each other, we are almost friends now. Finally, we are all children and, even if we live in different countries with different cultures, there is something we certainly know, something that unite us: we all love playing and having fun!!!

    The children from the 6BKrāslava Secondary School Varaviksne(Rainbow), Latvia, our  English teacher  Jelena Klimova and Giulia Milzani, the Exchange student from Italy, who worked with us in this Project.