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Publicēja 2015. gada 16. apr. 03:08Varaviksne Skola


   Today, the sixteenth of April, it is Kraslava’s birthday, an important day for all of us. Even if I am from Italy, I feel Kraslava as my second home. I have spent here almost eight months and I have really grown attached to my life here, the city, the school, the people…everything! Kraslava is a small town, not at all the big city which I am used to, but, although I sometimes miss the facilities I could have in Italy, I like it a lot. It has a nice centre, a big library, a museum, a music school, it even has a palace! Moreover, it is surrounded by the nature, forests and lakes and this is one of the things I appreciated the most when I arrived. No traffic jams, no rush hour and less stress, children can go out and play more peacefully. People live here the moment, they are not always running around. In school teachers are helpful and talk with the children much more than they do in Italy. Sometimes young people wish they could do something more interesting, but living in a town has its benefits, as I have already said. Furthermore, I was really glad to find out, how people love their town.

 There are a lot of cultural events, spectacles, exhibitions, concerts and popular dances. I have already been a lot of time in the House of Culture and everytime the audience was almost full. It is beautiful to see how people care about Kraslava and they are active to keep their traditions alive. I am really happy to be here!