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Hello, my name is Homera!

Publicēja 2016. gada 11. apr. 00:29Varaviksne Skola   [ atjaunināts 2016. gada 11. apr. 03:47 ]
Hello, my name is Homera I am an exchange student from Brazil and I am spending a year in Latvia, with the organization AFS. I am 17 years old and I am really glad to live in Kraslava, because I love the cold weather and I like making new friends and seeing new places, my goal is to learn Russian. I adore this school, and the staff especially in my class that are super and attentive to me and help me a lot. I love my family a lot. I feel as they are my true parents, they are super, attentive and help me in everything. I have two beautiful host sisters, Dzesika is 10 years old and Linda is 4 years old, we have got 3 fish in the aquarium.
I love animals, plants, nature around, my good family and classmates. I like eating traditional food, baking and preparing meals, culinary, sports especially football. I enjoy helping people. I feel grateful to do good things. I am thankful to my grandmother, who always supported and encourag ed me to live in the world where the rules of the economic games are inherently invalid, the universe is rigid by laws and that human beings live along with the society itself, we are not free from these laws, every change depends only on us…