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Kādu es redzu Latviju

Publicēja 2012. gada 16. nov. 01:54Ilona Kolodnicka   [ atjaunināts 2012. gada 16. nov. 02:23 ]

Savās domās par dzīvi Latvijā dalās AFS studenti  Andrea,Georgia, Analisse.

   On the 25th of  August I came to Kraslava, after I had spent  the previous night in Riga and I had met with the other students from all around the world. First time I got together  with people here in Kraslava I could notice they were all very friendly: I was very happy because my family (the Savickis  family) welcomed me in the best way.  My brother, Pasha, introduced me to his friends from the town basketball team and they were very nice with me: the same night they took me to a town festival near the park, so I had the opportunity to know a lot of people, and sometimes we have together  some parties. I’ve been living here for almot three months and I have made many friends, for example Arkadijs and Julija , and I would like to thank them all, including also my classmates (10A)  who always help me when I have some questions about school, Russian or anything.
   I am really proud to be here and I’d like to mention also other people who have helped me a little bit (or someone a little bit more) in the beginning of this experience: teachers of Varaviksne, my brother’s classmates (Juri,  Ineta  etc.), other classes students (from the 6th form to the 12th ones), the major of the town,  our school director and other Russian teachers for teaching us the Russian  language and for the last thing, but not the least important, other exchange students here in Kraslava (Annalisa, Mareike and Giorgia) and their families who have been very nice with me in any occasion.
Thank you and I would like to congratulate you all on the Independence Day.
Andrea, AFS student from Italy

Sometimes I miss my Italian sunshine, but I don’t get sad for it, because I know that after 8 months  I will see it again. Actually I am a bit sad to leave Latvia  because now I  am with a very good family.  I love my sister and my mom and her food.  I enjoy Latvian food but pasta is better  in Italy. Since  I am in Kraslava I have put 4 kilos more, thanks to my host mom and school food. That means  that  I am very happy  here and I really do not want to go back to my home country. Sometimes  you feel sad , but my amazing sister, she knows how to make me smile.  I feel  loved in this family even  it isn’ t a big one . They make me feel at home. I just would like to know  Russian or Latvian better  to speak with my little sister and my mom, but it is very difficult to learn a new language. So I am trying  to do  my best to work out with this thing. I admire myself first to  do an Exchange year far from my country, family, friends.  Sometimes it  is hard but if you are surrounded by lovely people, it is easier and you do not think about home. The best thing of an Exchange year is that you can make a lot of friends .ActuallyI have friends in all Latvia and I have a special person  in Isksile, my favourite Latvian city, I like it so much, but it is very far from Kraslava.  Anyway Kraslava is a small town, but it is so lovely and I appreciate the fact that there is a lake in front of my home,it is beautiful  because in my Italian city I cannot see anything like this. I like this school even  I  study so much.  I admire some of my classmates  because if they do something they believe in it until the end and they are very nice guys , they always help you if you ask. I hope to understand and learn soon Russian to talk more with them because sometimes it is hard to understand each other.  I have already started to miss Latvia, time is going so fast and I am a bit scared of how can be after my coming back home  because I feel changed and I feel a bit different and I do not know what I can find when I am home again but now I do not care  I just want to enjoy this short time here and grow up more. 
Thanks to every person that makes  this experience  so amazing  and thanks Latvia for host -ing us!                                                                            
                                                                                               Giorgia, an exchange student from Italy

        Soon it will be my third month in Kraslava. When I came I was happy but a little bit worried because I didn’t know what to expect.  Now I am just happy.
      I  have found  a wonderful family: mama, papa, one sister, one brother , a cat and a dog, too. They are all really nice but most of all I love mama’s cakes.The house is bigger than mine in Italy,  I share the room with my sister as it wa in Italy with my brother. I like this because we can stay more together. She has to study a lot because she is in the 12th class, but we always find time to speak, do something funny, go out or simply watch  a  movie. She is just one year older and this helped me a lot during the first days because I met her friends…and now they are my friends, too!
        I lke people here, but sometimes I don’t undertand their behavour because it is a little bit different from the Italians. For exampe, girls spend most of their time just with other girls… I always used to stay with girls and boys together.    One thing that I really like is that the people are active and do a lot of sport.. I also started to go to volleyball and sometimes to basketball ,too.   At school  it is sometimes  hard because I’d like to say a lo of  things to my classmates, teachers and other guys but I can’t because of the language. Englsh helps me, but I see that it is not enough.   About school I like that lessons are 40 minutes long and that I have to change classes everytime becase in Itay I use to sit for 3 hours without little breaks and that was really stressful.
     Since I’ve been in Latvia I travelled a lot, expecially with other AFS students and I aways had a great time. I went many times to Riga…it’s amazing i, I love it. I was in Cesis .it was snowing, it was so nice!...and I’ve never seen all that snow, The  most incredible thing for me are the starry-nights…in Italy there are lights in every streets and I couldn’t see the stars…they are so beautiful!
I walk a lot, everyday and I like i becase  can enjoy the place…but now it’sgetting colder and colder and I prefer catching the bus. Im scared about wnter because of the cold… i don’t know how it will be with -20’C! on the other hand, I wantthe winter because I want to lay oher snow-fights!
During these days it is raining a lot, the sky is always covered  with clouds. it’s so sad like that! And also it is getting dark really early in the afternoon and I can’t even  go out with friends for long time after school…but now  I am spending more time with the family and this is good, too. 
Ah, and the thing that I most love is Latvian chocolate! Now cannot live without it!
Anyway, since now I have enjoyed my Exchange and I hope, thanks to a better knowledge of the language, it will be always better.Thanks to all for real help and support.
                                                                                                           Annalisa, AFS student from Italy