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Mani pirmie soļi Latvijā...

Publicēja 2016. gada 3. okt. 07:13Varaviksne Skola
Hi,everyone! It is me Alessia Caratelli, 
AFS student from Italy. This is my first impression... 
Just from the airplane I could notice that everywhere in Latvia there are lakes, threes and green spaces. 
I arrived in Kraslava one month ago, I met my family and everything started. 
Italy is quite different from Latvia but generally speaking, I’ve not noticed big differences in behaviours. 
Lots of people in Latvia speak both Russian and Latvian whereas in Italy plurilinguism isn’t much diffused. 
The most common activities are dancing and singing in choirs as well as sports. In Italy not everyone likes to dance and sing and choirs are not so popular. I was able to notice these little things during my first month here and I’m trying to understand Latvia more every day. 
On September 1st school started in Kraslava, as in every other city in Latvia. It’s called “the Day of Knowledge” and everyone celebrates it as the beginning of a new school year. I was welcomed there and I was asked to have a short presentation about myself, then I received a rich bouquet of flowers from my classmates. In Italy we usually start school on the second week of September and it’s not seen as a celebration but just as the beginning of a new cycle of school. The school in Latvia seems to be interested in involving everyone in the activities to learn traditions or useful subjects better. 
I had the opportunity to stay two days with my classmates and teachers in Kalnieši and there I saw that teachers are close to the students and want to make them feel part of the school. We ate, slept and participated in different activities together and it was useful for me to look from the inside at the Latvian school. 
Although I wasn’t able to understand Russian so well but I felt everyone’s welcoming and polite: the willingness to communicate delete the obstacle of the foreign language. 

Alessia Caratelli 10 a