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My first thoughts about staying in Kraslava…

Publicēja 2013. gada 19. nov. 04:10Varaviksne Skola


   Hello! My name is Dorothea and I am an exchange student  from Germany.  I am  spending  a year in Latvia with the organisation AFS.

      I am really glad to live in Kraslava, because I like that small town a lot. It is green and beautiful and I live right on the river Daugava. The school is interesting because it is different from German schools.  For example, in Germany we do not celebrate Teacher’s day or the first school day in that way. It is different about a canteen,too.  In the dining room , where everyone sits  at  long tables and cannot select  food.

     I also experienced that it is quite hard to understand  a  little from the things, the others say. Fortunately, I have  some translaters in the class  who help me to get the main information.  I want to say a big thank you to my class now. Special thanks to Laura, Nicole and Diana who are explaining me a lot.

       For learning Russian I have individual lessons twice a week. During the first weeks I could not say a lot in Russian. Step by step  it is s a little  better  and  I can understand something now. I want to say thanks to Svetlana Inanovna , my Russian teacher. I would like to thank all the people trying to speak Russian with me again and again.  My class teacher Ludmila Ivanovna is always  helpful and heart-opened.

      Another important point of my life here is my host family. I am really glad that they give me the opportunity to stay in their family and in their home, they are friendly and kind.  And when I feel  homesick it helps me to know, that I have here a family, too.

     There are sometimes problems  with communication, but it is also such an experience and so many things I have already learnt. I hope, it will help me when I  am back home  and in my future life.

     Thanks to all friendly and kind people ready to give me a helping hand.

With regards from Dorothea, 10. a