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Panākumu atslēga

Publicēja 2013. gada 21. okt. 03:49Varaviksne Skola   [ atjaunināts 2013. gada 21. okt. 03:50 ]

    Mūsu skolas skolēni piedalījās vidusskolnieku eseju rakstīšanas konkursā angļu valodā.

   Tests – jūsu panākumu atslēga. Vajadzēja uzrakstīt eseju ar 100 vārdiem, kurā jāapraksta, kā angļu valodas tests varētu palīdzēt sapņu karjeras veidošanā.

       Paldies angļu valodas skolotājām Jrēnai Bovtramovičai un Jeļenai Kļimovai, kuras mudināja  savus skolēnus piedalīties šajā konkursā.

Skolēnu darbi:

Linda Pizane

                                                                                              Krāslava Secondary School Varavīksne

                                                                                                      Form   12a

                                                                                                      e-mail: linda1003@inbox.lv

 IELTS – The Key to Your Success!

To begin with, IELTS is an important stage in student's life. It is a useful and necessary step forward.

             Secondly, it adequately evaluates our knowledge.

             What is more, it is challenging and beneficial, as a result, it is needed in the future.

             As for me, I am sure IELTS tests have more advantages, than disadvantages. It is an exciting experience that leads to target.

             I am convinced that I would take that test and pass it successfully! It would be an unforgettable event in my life.

Alina Abramova

Krāslava Secondary School Varavīksne

Form 12 a


                                                             IELTS – The Key to Your Success!

                Nowadays, to be successful in career immigrants have to be good at English.

               What is more, that is extremely important in student`s life. This test is complicated, but it is really worth trying. It is a step to perfection.

               As for me, I know some fortunate from our school who have passed IELTS tests and now they are studying at the best universities in the UK. As a result, they also have a well-paid job. 

               In conclusion, it is a guarantee to prosperous future.

Aleksandrs  Krivenkovs

                                                                            Krāslava Secondary School Varavīksne

    Form 9 b


Humans were born from the dark, but we are drawn towards the light of education.

                                I came across with English, when I was 6 years old. To tell the truth, it was hard, but with my grandmother's help I started my first steps.

     Now it is time to think about the future.  If I want a well-paid job, I need English. And passing IELTS can open the doors to the world’s prestigious universities.

      I am convinced that finishing those I may be called “a cultural Human”.